NTPC Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay commission

NTPC Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance After 7th Pay commission 

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited or commonly known as NTPC is an Indian power generation company. With head office in New Delhi the company has millions of employees under one roof. Being a public sector unit the recruitment procedure under NTPC follows the same rule as the other public sector undertakings do.

Every year a number of candidates seat for the entrance exams for each designation. Those who clear the written, viva and interview sessions get the job of their choice. Those who can’t make it, try again next year. The pay scale of the employees under the company is similar to other government undertaking organisations. Here in NTPC there are three categories or pay scale under which several designations fall. The pay scales are as follows:

Pay Scale Category Salary (per month)
1 W (0 to 11) & SG Rs. 8700/- to Rs. 42500/-
2 S (1 to 4) & SG Rs. 16, 000/- to Rs. 42500/-
3 E (0 to 9) Rs. 20, 600/- to Rs. 80000/-
SG Rs. 20500/- to Rs. 44500/-

SG stands for Selection Grade. W stands for the workmen salaries, S stands for the pay scale for he supervisors and finally E stands for Executive level employees’ salary. Designation wise Salaries under NTPC are as mentioned below.

NTPC Designation Wise Salary

Posts / Designation Salary
Unskilled Rs. 8700/- – 20000/-
Attendant Rs. 10500/- – 23000/-
Semi-skilled Rs. 11000/- – 24500/-
Jr. Assistant / Technician Rs. 11500/- – 26000/-
Technician Grade IV Rs. 12500/- – 27500/-
Technician Grade III Rs. 13500/- – 29000/-
Technician Grade II Rs. 14500/- – 32000/-
Technician Grade I Rs. 15500/- – 34500/-
Sr. Technician / Jr. Supervisor Rs. 16000/- – 35500/-
Master Technician Gr. II / Supervisor Grade II Rs. 17000/- – 37000/-
Master Technician Gr. I / Supervisor Grade I Rs. 18500/- – 40000/-
Senior Supervisor Rs. 20000/- – 42500/-
Engineer Rs. 20600/- – 46500/-
Assistant Manager / Executive Trainee Rs. 24900/- – 50500/-
Deputy Manager Rs. 29100/- – 54500/-
Manager Rs. 32900/- – 58000/-
Senior Manager Rs. 36600/- – 62000/-
Deputy General Manager Rs. 43200/- – 66000/-
Additional General Manager / General Manager Rs. 51300/- – 73000/-
Executive Director Rs. 62000/- – 80000/-

NTPC Allowances

As mentioned that NTPC is a public sector undertakings the allowances and perks are similar to other public sector units in India. Under NTPC employees receive some of the basic allowances like others and on the other the higher officers receive high amount of perks and benefits. The basic allowances are:

  • 112% of the basic salary is provided to the employees as the dearness allowances. The rate is fixed for every employee and DA does not change with the designation. The rate is fixed for all the employees.
  • House Rent Allowances are also being provided to the employees. The rate of HRA depends on the area where the employee is living in. If the area is tough or close to dangerous area then the HRA gets higher and vice versa.
  • Apart from DA and HRA there are also pension plans, provident fund, gratuity and other things are there for each employee. Pension after retirement will depend on the last salary the employee had drawn from the company.
  • For the senior officers like executive level employees the perks such as vehicle, mobile phone, electricity, water supply and such are being provided to them. Some of the officials get the provision of house / flat / living area as well.
  • There is also medical allowances, travel allowances, high risk area allowances and some other allowances that are provided to the employees working under National Thermal Power Corporation Limited In India.

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