One – Time Settlement Scheme in Goa

One –Time Settlement Scheme in Goa (Needy people easily pay the electricity bills, Eligibility, Documents, Application Form, How to Apply)

The one-time settlement scheme has been announced by Department of Electricity in Goa. The main purpose of scheme launch is to help the common and needy people easily pay the electricity bills. If there are any outstanding bills to be paid, the consumers will get installment time to make the payments. It will be done for the welfare of the citizens of the state. The initiative taken by Chief Minister in assistance with the electricity department is highly commendable. Read on to know more about other relevant details pertaining to the scheme and the benefits for the beneficiaries.  

one time settlement scheme in goa

Overview of the One –Time Settlement Scheme

Name of the scheme one-time settlement scheme
Target group of scheme Needy and common man in Goa  
Objective of scheme launch To reduce on power bill and introduce installments  
launched by Chief minister Pramod Sawant and Electricity Minister Nilesh Cabral
launched in Goa
supervision will be done by public works department  
Contact details for electricity board helpline number 1912

Highlighting Features of One –Time Settlement Scheme

  1. Target group of scheme – The needy and the common people in Goa who often fail to pay monthly electricity bills are the target group of the scheme
  2. Main objective of scheme launch – The main focus of scheme launch is to offer installment process for paying the bills and waiving off fees for late payment of the bills
  3. Scheme has been launched by – The scheme initiative has been jointly decided by Pramod Sawant and Electricity Minister Nilesh Cabral
  4. Government assistance for people – The government want to help the needy family by waiving of late fee and make the bill payment an ease one. They also promised to launch similar scheme pertaining to water bill payment by the poor families in the state
  5. Payment for electricity bill – The state authorities will make facilities for online payment via the official site for the ease of the consumers
  6. Outstanding bill amount – There is no such outsizing bill amount limit to be paid for the scheme as has been suggested by state electricity department. This will help the consumers to pay the bill due in installments as per convenience   

The chief minister urged to the common people of the state to cooperate to help the authority make the scheme launch a grand success. They further stated that this scheme is a way of welfare scheme when the higher authorities are launching it for wellbeing of common people.

Who are eligible to get the benefits of the One –Time Settlement Scheme

  1. Residential details – As the scheme has been launched by Goa state electricity board, only the legal and permanent residents of the state are eligible for the scheme benefits
  2. Income details – The candidate need to furnish suitable income details to justify their eligibility for the payment waiving facility along with installment benefit under the scheme
  3. Category of consumer – The applicant need to furnish suitable electricity bill details to help authorities understand whether they are active or temporary electricity consumers   

List of documents for One –Time Settlement Scheme

  • Residential proof – The applicant should produce suitable domicile certificate at the time of registration under the scheme
  • Income certificate – The candidate should furnish income certificate of the family to be scrutinized by higher authorities to ensure their eligibility for the scheme
  • Details of electricity bill– The consumer need to furnish suitable documents of electricity bill that shall help authority to understand the unit of electricity consumed by the family monthly. In addition, the authority can know about the due in payments and the installments required clearing the electricity payments. 

How to Apply for the One –Time Settlement Scheme

As this is a newly launched scheme, the details of online procedure are yet to be launched by the state government in collaboration with state electricity board. The candidates have to keep a watch on the official portal of the scheme and as soon as the information has been updated, the beneficiaries will be the first to know about it. However, the beneficiaries can opt through the online portal of electricity board to know about the payment procedure and isnatlemts they can avail of.   

Therefore, the successful launch of the scheme shall help the common people who have long due to electricity bill to be easily paid in installments. In addition, the amount to be paid for delay will be waived off as said by the chief minister along with the electricity minister of the state. This shall help the citizens easily clear off the pending and manage with the monthly payments from the next month onwards. The scheme is first of its kind and the initiative has been taken up by electricity department of state for the benefit of common people who find it difficult to pay the monthly electricity bill.   


Q : What is the name of the scheme ?

Ans : One-time settlement scheme.

Q : Who are the target group of the scheme ?

Ans : Common people and needy families in Goa.

Q : What is the main purpose of scheme launch ?

Ans : Offer delay payment waive off and installment for electricity bill payment.

Q : Who has launched the scheme ?

Ans : Chief Minister along with electricity board minister of Goa.

Q : How the beneficiaries will get scheme benefits ?

Ans : Waive off delayed payment and installment facilities.

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