OROP has been recommended by the 7th commission for Civilian

OROP has been recommended by the 7th commission for Civilian

The recommendations of the seventh pay commission have been made to the government of India and these recommendations are sure to bring a hike in the salaries of the central Government employees and pensioners from January 2016.

The whopping increase in s alary and pensions of the central Government employees on one hand bring cheers to those who are benefitting from it while the nation will have to bear an additional burden of 1.02 lakh crore on the expense of the taxpayers.

This audit of the salary of the government employees is done every ten years to reduce the disparity between the salary of the employees of the central government and those working for the private companies. This attracts the professionals and experts to join the government services because of the added benefit of job security with government jobs.

This review though helps the government, the nation as well as the employees a lot but at a time when government is trying hard to reduce the fiscal deficit this additional burden on the national treasury is a thing of concern as it may deviate from the path of reconciliation of the economy.

The main features of the seventh pay commission recommendations are:

The maximum payment: the maximum payment that is has been recommended by the commission for a government employee is 2, 25,000 for the apex scale and for the secretary level it is 2,50,000.

Health insurance scheme: commission recommends the health insurance scheme for central government employees as well as the pensioners.

The pay systems for defense personnel, military nursing services and civil services have been kept different.

The pay scale system of grading the status of an employee will be replaced by their level in the pay matrix.

The system similar to the one rank one pension system has been recommended for the civilians too because otherwise the disparity between the pensions of the people who retired earlier would be too low as compared to the new pensioners after the recommendations come into effect.

All the officers of All India Service and central government employees who have completed a minimum of 17 years of service have been recommended to get the benefit of empanelment.

The other recommendations include merging of all the postal dispensaries with CGHS.

These are welcome steps as far as the government employees are concerned but Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh as well as trade unions have raise objections on the recommendations of the commission stating that the recommendations of the seventh pay commission are not in accordance with inflation that has occurred in these ten years and it is not enough for the government employees.

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