Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band 9300- 34800 Pay Matrix After 7th Pay Commission

Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band 9300- 34800 Pay Matrix After 7th Pay Commission 

In a recent 7th Pay commission report many changes have taken place. Where the minimum basic pay for the employees has increased, some of the allowances have abolished too. On the other the maximum pay of the Apex scale employees has also get a hike as per the final report of the 7th Pay Commission. The revised pay scale and other facilities are said to be in action from the 1st of January 2016. Here in this article we will focus on some major changes that have happened after 7th CPC.

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band 9300- 34800

Pay Scale salary 5200 20200 pay band Matrix

7th Pay Commission Highlights

  • Basic salary: After 7th Pay Commission the minimum salary of the government employee will be Rs. 18, 000/- per month. The maximum salary of the Apex scale employees will be fixed at Rs. 2, 25,000/-. On the other Rs. 2, 50,000/- (max) per month of salary will be drawn by the cabinet secretary and similar ranked officers.
  • Allowances: As per the reports total of 52 allowances are being abolished and another 32 have merged with other existing allowances. For instance risk and hardship allowances is abolished as a separate benefit. It was merged with Risk and Hardship Matrix.
  • Grade Pay: there were a lot of ifs and buts regarding the grade pay structure since long time. The commission has declared in the report that the grade pays structure will be counted in the new pay matrix. From now onwards the grade pay will be calculated on the basis of new pay matrix.
  • MACP: assured career progression has been changed to modified assured career progression. Though the increment system didn’t change but there is a new rule introduced. Those who won’t be able to meet the target in their 20 years of service will not get any increment.
  • Advances: advances that are non-interest bearing have completely abolished. Among the interest bearing advances only house building advances and personal computer advances remain the same.
  • Overall highlight: Overall hike in pay scale will be 23.55% where allowances have increased by 63%, salary has been increased by 16% and finally pension has been increased by 24%.
Highlights 7th Pay Commission
Overall Pay Scale 23.55%
Allowances 63%
Pension 16%
Military Service Pay Rs. 15, 000/- (Rs. 6000/- previous)
HRA 27% (X), 18%(Y), 9% (Z)

Biggest Change in 7th Pay Commission

Talking about the biggest change in 7th Pay Commission is the pay scale and allowances that get considerably hiked by 23.55% and 63%. According to the report the budget for the financial year 2016-17 will be increased by Rs. 1, 02,100 Cr where the portion of salary hike is Rs. 39, 100 Cr and the allocation for the allowances will be Rs. 29,300 Cr.

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