Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band Matrix 15600-39100 After 7th Pay Commission

Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band Matrix 15600-39100 After 7th Pay Commission

When it comes to the salary of the central government in India, you will have to do some calculations. If you are a newcomer, you might not know what these terms are. The final salary which you receive in hand is basic salary added to the grade pay. So you will need to know your basic salary and your exact grade pay in order to find out what your final salary will be. Also, you need to know the miscellaneous allowances that you are going to receive with it because those will be added to the final salary as well.

Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band 15600-39100

Pay Scale Salary for Pay Band 15600-39100 Pay Matrix

Types of salary

The miscellaneous allowances differ as per the post and as per the nature of the job. There are a lot of allowances such as transport fees. These will also add to your salary. So you must know the different forms of salary that are added:

  • Traveling allowance or TA: If you have a job that requires you to travel abroad or within the country, then you will be given TA from the office.
  • House Rent Allowance or HRA: HRA is something almost all government employees receive. It is given to the employee to avail accommodation within the state. It is basically designed so that the employee could pay off their rent. However, this rent amount differs according to the area. For example if you are posted in a rural area then your HRA will be lesser than if you are residing in an urban city. Usually HRA is half of the pay band so if your pay band is Rs 5400 then your HRA will be Rs. 2200-2600.
  • Dearness Allowance or DA: It is the cost of the living adjustment. This is given to the government employee so that he or she can sustain himself or herself according to the current prices in the market. So it is adjustable and keeps increasing from time to time. At present it is 117%.

So what exactly is the salary after all this calculation?

The salary for pay scale 15600 – 39100 after the final calculation stands:

Sl. no Categories Data (in Rs.)
1 Pay Scale 15600 – 39100
2 Grade Pay 5400
3 Basic Pay 15600+5400 = 21000
4 DA (117%) 24570
5 HRA 2500

So the final salary after calculating all these steps stands to Rs. 53470. This is the final amount that the person with Grade Pay Rs. 5400 is going to receive in today’s date as per the new regulations of the government.

However, it must be remember that if your pay scale is higher, that is, higher than Rs. 15600 then your payment will increase from this amount.

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