7th Pay Commission For Principal / Head Master Pay Scale

7th Pay Commission For Principal / Head Master Pay Scale

Principals are the heads of any school or educational institutes. Managing from students to teaching staff and non-teaching staff is solely handled by the headmaster of the school. Principals in Indian schools are said to be underpaid, unlike other countries. Though some of the private schools have high pay scales for the head of the schools, still they are not high as the Government organization. In recent past, it has been seen that despite having higher salaries in Government schools, the salary does not arrive on time. Principals or the teachers, everyone has to wait for ages to receive the salary. On the contrary, private schools are quite different. While talking about the principal salary scale we must consider the current status of different schools in the country.

7th Pay Commission For Principal Head Master Pay Scale

  • Private Schools

Private schools are generally running by a private company or a group of companies. These schools offer lower salaries to the headmasters compare to the Government schools. Not only the type of school but the pay scale of the principals hugely depends on his/her experience and education. Obviously to become a head of any educational institute one must be enough educated. However, the main thing that makes the difference is the years of experience the principals have.

  • On average, a candidate who has more than 20 years of experience gets paid 6 lakhs per annum.
  • On average, a candidate who has less than 5 years of experience gets a salary of nearly 4.5 lakhs per annum.

Also, the pay scale of the principals depends on educational degrees like PGT or PRT. These educational qualifications have huge demand in private as well as Government schools. A lot of people think that private organizations offer a higher pay scale than governmental organizations. It is true in some sense but in the case of educational institutes, the case is somewhere different.

  • Government Schools

Public schools or Government schools are managed by the Government of the respective state or central boards. The pay scale of the government schools also depends on the educational background and mainly on the years of experience.

  • In a Government school if a candidate has more than 20 years of experience he/she receives more than 8 lakhs yearly.
  • On the other, if a candidate has less than 5 years of experience he or she will get nearly 6 lakhs per annum.

So the pay scale for the principals of government schools is much higher than the former. In India pay scale of an experienced principal is similar to a computer engineer. So like other professionals in India principals too have a high pay scale.

  • Average pay scale

On average, a principal/headmaster of a secondary school gets a salary of Rs. 4.5 lakhs per annum and a principal/headmaster of a high school in India get Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. These numbers are just average figures, the numbers can vary from organization to organization. Sometimes depending on the location and type of schools, the salary gets different. City schools have different pay scales than rural schools and special schools for special students and such.

Experience Payscale in lakhs (annual)
5 years or less 4.5
10 years or less 5.5
20 years or less 6.5
20 years + 8

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