RBI Assistant Manager Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance Perks

RBI Assistant Manager Pay Scale Salary Matrix Allowance Perks After 7th Pay Commission

Reserve bank of India is the central bank of the country. All the commercial and monetary policies of the economy are taken by this institution. Every year or sometimes more than once in a year the institution recruits a number of employees in various departments or groups across the bank. There are grades from A to F. Grade A and B officers are the senior level officers and needless to say they draw a lump sum amount as their monthly package. Grade C, D and E are lower than A and B. Grade F is the lowest category in the RBI Department.

RBI Salary

The basic entry level salary under RBI department for the lowest category that is Grade F starts from Rs. 17, 000/- including allowances and perks. There is an annual increment of Rs. 1000/- for each officer. On the other the senior level officer that is Grade A draws monthly basic salary of Rs. 60,000/- excluding the perks and allowances. In the following section the grade wise salary and pay scale in the RBI Department is shown in tabular form.

RBI Department Grade wise Salary

Basic Pay Scale Grade Yearly Increment
Rs. 60000/- Grade A Rs. 1600/-
Rs. 42300/- Grade B Rs. 1300/-
Rs. 39850/- Grade C Rs. 1200/-
Rs. 28350/- Grade D Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 21000/- Grade E Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 17100/- Grade F Rs. 1000/-

These mentioned salaries are all including allowances and perks. The pay scale for all the grades has increased after 7th pay commission. The revised pay scale started implemented from 11th April 2016.

RBI Assistant Pay Scale

Assistants in RBI are getting lower salary than the general commercial bank probationary officers. An entry level assistant in RBI draws Rs. 8, 040/- per month excluding allowances and perks. It is quite lower than the PO of a commercial bank.

RBI Assistant Manager Salary

Assistant managers under RBI department draw salary of Rs. 17, 000/- per month on entry level. This salary is excluding the allowances and perks. Including the monthly allowances like DA, TA and such the monthly pay scale of the assistant manager is RS. 43, 183/-.

RBI Grade B Salary

Grade B officers draw Rs. 21, 000/- per month as entry level salary. The allowances and perks include the DA, TA, HRA, medical reimbursement, briefcase allowances, education allowances, flat, vehicle allowances, mobile bills, pension after retirement, gratuity, dependants allowances (medical), specs allowances (including spouse’ specs) and other grade allowances. After adding up all the allowances and perks with the entry level pay scale the final salary of a Grade B officer is Rs. 53, 888/- per month.

RBI Department Allowances

Basic allowances that all the officers from several grades receive on monthly basis are as follows:

  • Dearness allowances of 113% of the basic salary of each employee. DA is revised to 125% after the 7th central pay commission.
  • Medical allowances: Medical bills if declared can be reimbursed. This allowance is valid for the dependable of the employee as well. Also general medical expenses can also be reimbursed.
  • Travel allowances: Travel allowances are being given to selected officers. Higher grade officers get international tours along with domestic tours.
  • House Rent Allowances: HRA is given to the officers who are living in other towns or cities and not in their home town. Higher grade officers get living areas like flats and such.
  • Education allowances for the kids: Not all, but selected officers receive education allowances for their kids. For example Grade A and B officers, if they have kids will get education allowances up to Rs. 4000/- per month.
  • Briefcase Allowances: BA is drawn by Grade A and B level officers. They can reimburse the price of briefcase in every three years.
  • Pension: pension is a common thing that every government employee draws after retirement. Pension, gratuity and other retirement facilities are same as other government employees.

RBI Department Perks  

The senior level officers receive a bunch of benefits and perks other than usual allowances. The perks are”

  • Flat/Housing
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Vehicle perks
  • Spectacles allowances, spouses included.
  • Loan facility (home loan and car loan)
  • Festival advances with 0% interest
  • Maid allowances
  • Sodexo allowances


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