7th Pay Commission recommendations On LTC

7th Pay Commission recommendations On LTC

The government constitutes the Pay Commission after every decade like clockwork to reexamine the pay size of its employees and frequently these are received by states after a few changes.

Seventh Pay Commission was shaped by past UPA Government. The commission, headed by Justice A K Mathur was framed in February 2014.

Nullifying 12 Interest free advances prescribed by seventh CPC, the seventh Pay Commission has, in an easygoing way, recommended that all interest free advances to be nullified. The effect of this proposal is yet unnoticed by the central government representatives

There are 12 Interest free advances are recorded in that table gave in the seventh CPC Report. At the point when listening to the news that seventh CPC has prescribed to annul interest free advances, everyone believed that a few advances like occasion advances just will be abrogated. Be that as it may, in the event that you read the names of advances prescribed for abolishment, it will stun you a bit.

When all is said in done assessment, the sum that is paid for government employees in a few events and for particular purposes and the same will be recuperated through regularly scheduled payments is considered advances.

Be that as it may, the development paid for Restorative treatment and LTC shouldn’t be incorporated this rundown, since it is reimbursable in nature and won’t be recuperated by Government.

The sum paid as advances to the LTC are not recoverable by government if there is no any default for the situation. Since the costs brought about ought to be repaid to the Government workers as indicated by their qualifications, the sum paid ahead of time can be balanced against the case of repayment is authorized. So there is no need of reimbursing the development to government in admiration of Therapeutic and LTC propels. These ought not to be incorporated into the rundown of interest free advances.

In the end annulling these advances will make the central government representatives not to profit LTC office and therapeutic treatment in Private Doctor’s facility, as the measure of 90% of the costs paid ahead of time won’t be accessible for them anymore because of this suggestion. By benefiting these advances they could deal with the Therapeutic Costs and by profiting this development just they could buy Air or Prepare Tickets to go on LTC.

Without these advances, the Gathering C and B representatives can’t envision benefiting of LTC to visit a few spots in India with their crew.

The Central Government ought not to acknowledge the proposition of abrogating these advances.

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