Risk Allowance Rate Policy Tax Exemption For Veterinary Surgeons,Trackman And Paramilitary Forces Under 7th Pay Commission

Risk Allowance Rate Policy Taxable or not | Risk Allowance for veterinary surgeons | Risk Allowance for Govt. Employee | Risk Allowance for Paramilitary Forces And Trackman Under 7th Pay Commission

Hardship and Risk Allowances are the monthly financial help that is given to those government employees who are posted in risky areas. Border, remote rural areas with no access to basic needs, hilly areas, and other hardship areas are called the risky areas. During service period any of the governmental employees from any department can be posted in these areas. If this happens then the employee will get a monthly financial help from the government of India. In recent times after 7th pay commission the rates for the risk allowances has revised and increased. Different departments and ranks will get different rates of risk allowance hike.

Risk Allowance Rate Policy Taxable or not | Risk Allowance for veterinary surgeons | Risk Allowance for Govt. Employee | Risk Allowance for Paramilitary Forces And Trackman Under 7th Pay Commission

  • Risk Allowance

A lot of people think that employees who are working under defence department like CRPF, Jawans, Military, and Paramilitary and such are only eligible to get risk allowance. Only these are the people or defence department’s employees are being posted in hardship areas or doing hazardous jobs. But it is not true; there are medical professionals, railway employees, veterinary surgeons and other central and state government officials can be posted in such areas during their service and those who are engaged in jobs that can affect health adversely are eligible for risk allowance from the government of India along with other perks and benefits.

  • Risk Allowance Rate

The Risk Allowance rate is said to be automatically raised by 25% once the dearness allowance raised by 50%. It is obvious that not everyone who is engaged in such hazardous jobs will get same rate of allowance. The amount of risk allowance starts from Rs. 200/- and can goes up to Rs. 9750/- per month depending upon the ranks and designation the employee is holding. Also it depends on how much the job is hazardous for the employee’s health.

  • Risk Allowance Policy

According to the government of India, risk allowance will be paid to those government employees who are salaried and whose job involves hazardous tasks during their service. The risk allowance will be considered as the same like the compensatory allowance that is granted during the leave. The risk allowance will also be treated as same during the leave. But the risk allowance will not be considered or allowed to get any benefit from en-cashing the allowance like house rent allowance and city compensatory allowance. Risk Allowance can be paid to the sweepers as well.

  • Risk Allowance is Taxable or not

Risk allowance is non-taxable up to a certain limit. The tax emption limit for the Risk Allowance is from Rs. 200/- to Rs. 1300/-. Any amount paid to the employees above Rs. 1300/- per month as risk allowance will be taxable. The others who are getting less than Rs. 1300/- per month as risk allowance will not require paying any tax on the amount.

  • Risk Allowance for veterinary surgeons

Veterinary surgeons are those who are engaged in health and medical profession for the animals. As people know the job definitely involves high risk, the risk allowance is also paid at moderate rates. The minimum amount to be paid to the veterinary surgeons is Rs. 180/- per month as risk allowance.

  • The junior veterinary surgeons get Rs. 180/- per month
  • The senior veterinary surgeons get Rs. 270/- per month as risk allowance
  • The chief veterinary surgeons also get Rs. 270/- per month as risk allowances.
  • Risk Allowance for Central Government Employees

Central government employees also get risk allowances. In last pay commission the rates have increased for the central government employees in different category. The revised rates are applicable to all the employees who work under union government and fall under these categories. The categories and the revised rates are as follows:

  • Danger building officers: Rs. 400/-
  • Gazetted officers involved in Nitro glycerine production: Rs. 300/-
  • Non-gazetted officer involved in nitro glycerine production: Rs. 180/-
  • Supervisors: Rs. 100/-
  • Skilled workers: Rs. 80/-
  • Semi-skilled workers: Rs. 60/-
  • Unskilled workers: Rs. 40/-
  • Risk Allowance for Paramilitary Forces

The 6 paramilitary forces in India, CRPF, ITBP, BSF, CISF, NSG and SSB have requested for the ‘one place, one allowance’ in 7th pay commission. As people know that these are the men who work 24×7, 365 days a year in most risky areas such as international borders and such places. During war they face the worst situations, even during peace they have to be on duty. According to the recommendations, the rate for the risk allowance must be revised. The current amount that a paramilitary junior officer is getting is Rs. 2000/- per month and a senior officer will get Rs. 6000/- per month as risk allowance after 7th pay commission.

  • Risk Allowance for Trackman

Trackmen are those who maintain the railway tracks in the Indian railway department. The work definitely involves high risk. Almost every year some of the employees lose their job due to fatal accidents happen in the railway track. As the job they are doing involves high risk and hazardous, so for that reason after 7th pay commission the risk allowance for the trackman has increased to Rs. 2700/- per month. For the trackman the minimum salary is Rs. 18, 000/- which, according to the recommendation, must be increased to Rs. 26, 000/- but it didn’t happen. On the contrary the risk allowance get hiked to Rs. 2700/-.

  • Risk allowance under 7th pay commission

After 7th pay commission the risk allowance for many employees have increased. As mentioned in this article that the allowance given to the paramilitary force, trackman and also veterinary surgeons have raised after 7th pay commission. On the other the rates are unchanged for the central government employees. After 7th CPC it has been also said that the risk allowance will be considered same as the compensatory allowance is treated.

Risk allowance – quick review

Departments Allowance
Veterinary surgeons Rs. 180/- to Rs. 270/- per month
Paramilitary forces Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 6000/- per month
Trackman Rs. 2700/-
Central government employees Rs. 40/- to Rs. 400/- per month

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