Siachen Soldiers Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

Siachen Soldiers Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

As per the latest news regarding the new pay commission, the govt. has finally cleared all the demands regarding the Siachen Allowance increment which will provide benefit as well as relief to thousands of soldiers in the Indian armed forces. Siachen is one of the highest and the most risky front where Indian Army has its presence. With harsh climatic conditions to survive, those who are posted in the Siachen Glacier are provided with a special allowance due to their hardship in performing duty. With the implementation of 7th pay commission from 1st July, 2017, the added allowance which is provided to the armed forces for performing duty at Siachen glacier will be raised.You can read here Army Pay Scale Allowance and Perks In 7th Pay Commission

Siachen Soldiers Salary Allowance In 7th Pay Commission

Siachen Glacier Allowance

Siachen Glacier is the highest and harshest front where Indian Army serves throughout the year, defying all their physical and mental limits. History speaks that the Indian Army has lost numerous soldiers not because of enemy attack, but due to the harsh climatic conditions there. Before the recommendations of the new pay commission i.e. the 7th CPC, the soldiers serving in the Siachen Glacier used to get Rs. 14 thousand per month in addition to their existing salary as Siachen Glacier Allowance. This amount was quite low compared to the amount of physical and mental strain they suffered while on duty on those fronts. So the Central Govt. decided to revive this hardship allowance to motivate the armed forces.You can read here Risk Allowance Policy In 7th Pay Commission.

Siachen Soldiers Salary

The existing pay structures which the soldiers posted in Siachen Glacier are getting will be revised under the new 7th Pay Commission implementation. this will double the pay structures of the jawans as well as the officers posted in the sector. In accordance to the proposed hike in the salary structures of the govt. employees, the armed forces who are deputed to the Siachen Glacier will have their Basic as well as their Grade pay revised along with other allowances. The govt. has abolished some allowances which were being provided before, however some are kept unaltered like the Travelling Allowance. The Siachen Allowance has been hiked to benefit the defense personnel. You can read here Paramilitary Forces Salary In 7th Pay Commission

Siachen Hardship Allowance

Below are the approved structures of the Siachen Hardship Allowance which the govt. will provide with effect from 1st July, 2017 to those defense personnel who are deputed to the highest battle field of the country i.e. the Siachen Glacier. This hardship allowance will be added to the newly hiked salary under the 7th pay commission.

  • The Jawans and the JCOs who are below Level 8 were getting the Siachen hardship allowance of Rs. 14,000 per month along with their existing salary and other allowances.
  • With the new recommendations, this Siachen hardship allowance will become Rs. 30,000 a month. The proposed allowance under the 7th pay commission was Rs. 21,000 per month.
  • Previously as per the 7th pay commission recommendation, the service officers who are serve at Level 9 and above would be getting a monthly allowance of Rs. 21,000. this has been increased to Rs. 42,500 per month.You can read here Hardship Allowance Matrix In 7th Pay Commission.


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