UGC Pay Scale Pay Matrix Salary Allowance Under Current and 7th Pay Commission

UGC Pay Scale Pay Matrix Salary Allowance Under Current and 7th Pay Commission

When it comes to the industry of education, jobs in universities are often seen with a distinctively different level of respect. And there’s a reason for it – the professors and VCs of a university earn their reputation primarily because of their qualifications. As a result, they’re also paid handsomely. In this article we’ll learn what different employees of universities earn according to current scales and what they can expect for themselves from 7th CPC. Let’s get started:

UGC Pay Scale Pay Matrix Allowance

UGC Pay Scale

The current pay scales of UGC come from the books of 6th CPC. There’re 6 different pay scales to compensate various teaching and non-teaching staff members. The scales are great, and you’ll learn about them in sections given below.

UGC Grade Pay

Post Grade Pay
Assistant Professor Rs. 6,000
Assistant Professor/Librarian/Director of Physical Education (Senior Scale) Rs. 7,000
Assistant Professor/Librarian/Director of Physical Education (Selection Grade) Rs. 8,000
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade with more than 3 years of experience) Rs. 9,000
Vice Chancellor Rs. 10,000
Professor/Librarian/Director of Physical Education Rs. 11,000

UGC Pay Scale for Teaching Staff (Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor)

  • Professors, the people directly responsible for teaching students in universities, are currently paid at the scale of 16400-450-20900-500-22400. Along with them Directors of Physical Education are also paid at this scale.
  • Assistant professors, officers and physical instructors are paid at the scale of 8000-275-13500. For senior Scale Assistant Professors it is 10000-325-15200 and for Selection Grade Assistant Professors it’s 12000-420-18300.

UGC Pay Scale For Non Teaching Staff

  • VCs, the highest authority in any university, are currently paid at a fixed scale of 25000. Pro-VCs, on the other hand, who act as deputies of VCs, are paid at the scale of 18400-500-22400.
  • Though a part of the non-teaching staff, Librarians and Deputy Librarians are paid at the scale of teaching staff members. Librarians earn at the scale Professors, which is 16400-450-20900-500-22400 and deputy librarians at the scale of 12000­420­18300, which is the same as that of Selection Grade Assistant Professors.

UGC Salary

The take home salary of a UGC employee comes down to the sum of basic pay, grade pay and allowances. You can figure out anyone’s take home salary by adding these components together.

UGC Pay Scale Under 7th Pay Commission

7th CPC has brought a lot of good news for UGC employees. Based on the fitment factor of 2.57 that has been used for 7th CPC, Pay Scales of UGC staff will be as follows:

  • Associate/Assistant Professors: Both associate and assistant professors have been kept in the pay band of 15600 – 39100 in new CPC. However, the grade pay has been kept different – it’ll be 6600 for assistant professor, 7200 for assistant professor (senior scale, selection grade both) and 8000 for associate professor.
  • Professors/Librarians/Directors of Physical Education: The pay scale of Professors in upcoming CPC will be 37400 – 67000. And yes, they’ll also be entitled to a grade pay of 11000, which will significantly increase their take home salary.
  • Vice Chancellors: Under new commission VCs will be paid with a fixed pay scale of 80000. This is a steep increase over the current scale, and as a result they’re not entitled to any grade pay under new CPC.
  • Pro-Vice Chancellors: Though they’ll be paid at the scale of professors, they’ll be entitled to 4 advance increments too along with grade pay of 12000.
  • Deputy Librarians/Deputy Directors of Physical Education: Another part of non-teaching staff, Librarians and PE Directors both will be paid according to pay scale same as that of teaching staff. The new pay scale determined for them under 7th CPC is 15600 – 39100. Their grade pay will be 8000.
  • Senior Professor/Professor of Eminence: Two new posts have also been proposed in new CPC under these names. The pay band proposed for Senior Professors is 37400-67000 and for Professors of Eminence it’s 80,000 fixed.



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